Apologetics For The New Evangelization (Digital)

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Apologetics For The New Evangelization (Digital)

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Tim Staples  -- (6 CD set)

In his encyclical letter Redemptoris Missio (On the Church's Missionary Mandate), Pope John Paul II wrote, "I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church's energies to a new evangelization..."  This heartfelt prediction, repeated again and again by our Holy Father, can be clearly seen in the welcome renaissance of Catholic apologetics. In recent years this "lost science", once so widespread within the Church, has been powerfully re-ignited.

New and Improved
Apologetics for the New Evangelization is an all-new recording by Catholic apologist, author and EWTN Radio personality Tim Staples. Digitally recorded in-studio, these new and improved presentations feature Tim Staples personally teaching you apologetics as if preparing you for battle.

In six dynamic CDs, Tim shares irrefutable evidence from the Bible, history and common sense to demonstrate the reasonableness of the Catholic Faith. Fanning the flame of the faithful with his fiery enthusiasm, Tim not only provides information, but also gives inspiration and encouragement as he imparts how to explain fundamental Catholic beliefs to non-believers and the fallen-away.

Biblically-Based Bedrock Truths
Using historic evidence and an abundance of Scriptural support, Tim demonstrates that there is no contradiction between faith and reason. His down-to-earth style and strong convictions will absolutely inspire you to deepen your knowledge and commitment to Catholicism.

Apologetics for the New Evangelization reviews essential topics such as the Papacy, the Bible, Justification, the Holy Eucharist, the Saints and Mary cutting away current fallacies and myths to get down to the bedrock truths.

Nowhere else will you find a more energizing presentation to prepare yourself to share with others the fullness of the Faith. Join Tim Staples as he reveals the "how and why" of Catholic beliefs and practices and discover how thousands of faithful lay people around the country are answering the Pope's call for a much needed return to Catholic apologetics.

Real Answers to Explain Difficult Doctrines
The original version of Apologetics for the New Evangelization was a proven program for individuals and groups, and has been used as a parish program to lead others to the fullness of the Truth.

With this all-new digitally recorded 2004 version, you'll enjoy the benefit of Tim's many years as a speaker honing his presentation on these important topics. If you want real answers and practical examples of how to explain and defend difficult doctrines, order this all-new series today!


What is the authentic biblical understanding of the authority of the Church
Why St. Peter's name was changed from "Simon" to "Rock" and what it means to Catholics today
Where to find the institution of an all-male New Testament priesthood in the Bible
How a true understanding of Justification cannot be reduced to "once saved, always saved"
Why the Blessed Virgin Mary is called the New Testament "Ark of the Covenant”
How, if you "miss it on Mary", you'll "miss it on Jesus"
Why Purgatory is a necessary element of God's Divine plan
How Confession plays an irreplaceable part in our salvation and sanctification
Where the Bible irrefutably teaches the doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
And much more…





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