CateQUIZem! Holy Spirit

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CateQUIZem! Holy Spirit

Product Overview

Welcome to CateQUIZ’em! The game show that is anything but trivial. This fun and engaging DVD resource offers more than a game-playing opportunity. It will also provide you with a high quality, interactive media experience that will help you lead your teens into deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ through the richness of the Catholic Church.

CateQUIZ’em! was developed with the middle school teen in mind, but has proven to be useful and effective with high school teens as well as adults involved in RCIA programs.

Perhaps you can look at this resource as a catechetical Swiss-Army Knife. It is rich with fun videos, inspiring stories and reflections, a prayerful meditation, and catechetical tips that can be used in all kinds of situations-small group meetings, large group events, and retreats-to name a few.

Offer your teens (and adults) a unique opportunity to explore the person and role of the Holy Spirit in their lives!

Praise for CateQUIZ’em!

“It’s harder and harder to reach young people with the genius of Catholicism. Nothing is more effective than CateQUIZ’em!

–Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of Rediscovering Catholicism

Product Details

  • CateQUIZ’em! User Manual

  • Runtime:

    • Section 1: Learn It! (18 Minutes)

    • Section 2: Play It! (30-60 Minutes)

    • Section 3: Live It! (14 Minutes)

    • Section 4: Pray It! (8 Minutes)

    • Section 5: Lead It! (15 Minutes)

  • Language: English

  • Creation Date: 2009


(No reviews yet) Write a Review