Chews Life | A Little Boy Decade Rosary

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Chews Life | A Little Boy Decade Rosary

Product Overview

This small decade rosary features a custom-designed cross, and it’s perfect for your favorite Catholic kid. Made of soft, chewable food-grade silicone beads and strung on organic cotton cord, the decade is perfect solo, or as a compact companion to the full-size Chews Life Rosaries. This bright decade, with a pleasingly textured cross, will pique your little one’s interest in the Rosary early on!

The convenient snap clasp can be used to clip the decade rosary around something to keep it from getting tossed to the ground. Clip it to your baby carrier, stroller, swing, diaper bag, purse, and more!

This decade is designed to be tough, even after years of love. But accidents do happen, and your decade should be used only under adult supervision.

About Chews Life

All Chews Life children’s products are put through rigorous third-party safety testing and are CPSIA certified. The silicone used is food-grade and BPA-free. Teething products are strung together on organic cotton cord and feature a quick-release snap clasp for additional safety.

Chews Life silicone and gemstone products are dreamed, designed, and made by a growing team of amazing Catholic mamas in West Michigan, USA. Chews Life supports the incredible vocations of over twenty Catholic women, who are able to prioritize their families while earning income working from home on their own schedule.

Health and Safety

Safety is Chews Life’s top priority. Their products are made with safety snap clasps that have a safe release when tugged. Their rosaries have been third-party safety-tested, and are CPSIA-certified. However, please note that while these products are made to be safe and durable, they should only be used under adult supervision.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review