Christ in His Fullness

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Christ in His Fullness

Product Overview

This book explains the joys, struggles, fears, and peace that come from an individual’s realization that the fullness of truth is found within the Catholic Church. Bruce Sullivan presents an in-depth study of the issues that prevent many from ever considering the Catholic Church while emphasizing in a positive way the great gift awaiting all who will embrace the Catholic faith: the gift of having Christ in all of His fullness.

Praise for Christ in His Fullness:

“Some conversion stories are emotionally moving accounts of discovery. Others are solid intellectual apologetics. In this work, Mr. Sullivan has provided both.... This is one of the most convincing apologetic conversion stories yet encountered.”

–S.D. Theon, from Missouri

About the Author

Bruce Sullivan is a former Church of Christ minister. His life changed when he was confronted with the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith while trying to convert a Catholic family that had moved into his community. Christ in His Fullness presents a full-length treatment of the primary issue that propelled Bruce on his journey, namely that of authority. Since being received into the Catholic Church in 1995, Bruce has writen and spoke on topics related to Catholic apologetics and has been a guest on EWTN’s Mother Angelica Live, The Journey Home, Bookmark, and Deep in Scripture.

Product Details:

  • Book dimensions: 8 x 5.5

  • Cover: paperback

  • 213 pages

  • Published year: 2008


(No reviews yet) Write a Review