Dr. Scott Hahn Scripture Bundle

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Dr. Scott Hahn Scripture Bundle

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This bundle includes:

Reading the Bible from the Heart of the Church On three remarkable CDs, Dr. Scott Hahn relates that as trusting children of God and of our Mother, the Church, Catholics read the Bible within a community that is larger than the local Bible study group, parish or diocese. As you listen, you'll begin to experience how the authentic Catholic "Bible study group" is the Communion of Saints, the voices of Catholic Tradition, the great cloud of witnesses from all of history. Learn how your most important guide to understanding the Bible is the Holy Spirit, working through the Church's Magisterium.


Genesis 1-22: The Covenant As a Family Affair Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel. Noah and the Ark. While most people are familiar with the colorful tales in the first book of Scripture, how many truly understand their profound significance to human destiny? In his classic Bible Study, now digitally re-mastered on seven CDs, renowned Catholic theologian and biblical scholar Dr. Scott Hahn expertly guides you through the first twenty-two chapters of Genesis to reveal the key interpretive principles that will empower you to understand all the other books of both the Old and New Testaments!


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