How to Talk to Fallen-Away Catholics

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How to Talk to Fallen-Away Catholics

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Dr. Michael Barber -- (4 CD Set)

According to popular author Michael Barber, we live in an exciting time of true Catholic Renaissance. He points to the many prominent converts and the fact that today the Catholic Church is the largest Christian body in the world. Unfortunately, the second largest is made up of ex-Catholics.

Go “On the Offensive”
Why do so many Catholics leave the Church? How do we explain this tragedy? What do you say to the Catholics in your life that have fallen away to another religion, or even none at all?

In this 4 CD set, you’ll discover that being a true lay apostle today doesn’t mean having all the answers. Rather, you’ll learn the vital biblical wisdom that shows what to do to become an effective evangelist . . . and also what to avoid! Order now and discover how to talk to the fallen-away Catholics in your life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review