Living the Message of Fatima

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Living the Message of Fatima

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Fr. Shannon Collins and Fr. Wade Menezes -- (3 CD Set)

In Living the Message of Fatima, two respected preachers offer the answers to critical questions regarding the Messages of Fatima. To begin this enlightening presentation, Fr. Shannon Collins, sounds the call for you to become one of Our Lady of Fatima’s legion of spiritual soldiers. He relates the fascinating story of the amazing events that led up to the apparitions of Fatima, plus the biblical and historical evidence that reveals Fatima as the most significant religious event of the twentieth century.

Effectively Foster Your Spiritual Life
Fellow Father of Mercy, Fr. Wade Menezes, boldly offers sound advice for discerning today’s on-going Marian apparitions. He also shares the Catholic truth about authentic Marian devotion and why it is so desperately needed—especially in today’s families.

Then this fiery priest goes on to expertly impart twelve simple techniques guaranteed to foster your spiritual life. Armed with these simple principles, you’ll learn how to overcome temptation, resist Satan and grow in holiness more effectively than ever before.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review