Llena de Gracia

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Llena de Gracia

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There is one person in the gospel that had the experience of living thirty years with Jesus–from birth through His resurrection: Mary, His Mother. After a full life with the Son of God – fleeing into Egypt, losing him in the temple, and seeing him placed on the cross – Mary lives her final earthly days in reflection. Ten years after the Resurrection, Mary eagerly awaits the return of the apostle Peter. When he arrives in her home after years of traveling, ministering, and narrowly escaping death, Peter expresses the overwhelming responsibility of preaching amidst heresies and conflict. After receiving encouragement that only a mother can provide, Peter rediscovers the truth: he is not leading, he is following and walking in the light of God.

Praise for Full of Grace:

“A breathtaking film and celebration of faith. I have not been moved by a film like this since The Passion of the Christ.”

–Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., Editor-in-Chief, Magnificat

Product details:

  • Release year: 2015

  • Language: Spanish

  • Subtitles: English

  • Runtime: 83 Minutes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review