Mary and The Mystery of Femininity DVD

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Mary and The Mystery of Femininity DVD

Product Overview

Fr. Donald Calloway -- (1 DVD)

This amazing and insightful DVD by Fr. Donald Calloway is a must for all Catholics who want to discover woman's role in God's plan. Whether you are a woman seeking to better understand God's plan for your femininity, or a man seeking to better understand the opposite sex, this talk is for you! Fr. Calloway shares how the Blessed Virgin Mary is the perfect embodiment of faith and obedience, and therefore the model for all women. This truth also reveals to men how they are called to treat women.

You'll learn...

• How women are uniquely designed by God to reflect His glory
• Why all should look to Mary to understand true femininity
• How Mary, and every mother, carries with her forever a mystical union with her child
• How a woman's beauty is best displayed by what she says and does, not how she looks
• The importance of modesty and purity
• How a woman living out her femininity reveals her true strength
• And much more


(No reviews yet) Write a Review