Priest, Prophet, King Leader Guide

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Priest, Prophet, King Leader Guide

Product Overview

The Leader’s Guide includes:

  • Facilitator guide
  • Six Lessons
  • Answer Key

The Priest, Prophet, King Study Program presents the Old Testament foreshadowing of each of Jesus’ three offices as priest, prophet and king and then describes how Jesus is the fulfillment of each as seen in the New Testament.

The six lessons are as follows:

1. Adoratio: Adam as Priest
2. The High Priest
3. Challenging False Worship: Elijah the Prophet
4. The Word Made Flesh
5. Ordering the Kingdom: King David
6. King of Kings

Each small group discussion leader should have the leader’s guide and each participant should have his/her own copy of the study guide.

A complete session plan and other program advice is outlined in the facilitator’s guide, which is part of the leader’s guide. Each DVD segment is 20 minutes long and the discussion should be planned for 60-70 minutes, so each lesson can be covered in a total of 90 minutes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review