The Answer to the Problem of Modern Society

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The Answer to the Problem of Modern Society

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Ven. Fulton J. Sheen -- (6 CD set)

Discover the spiritual secrets needed to face your fears and grow in holiness with The Answer to the Problem of Modern Society. Archbishop Fulton Sheen shares amazing insights on how to overcome the challenges in society and follow the path to sanctity.

Every person in the world in their heart is either on the Cross or underneath it. Yet society is losing its sense of mission and succumbing to fear of the Cross. Discover how St. Peter is the perfect figure to help you understand your mission and yourself better. This will help you overcome fear of the Cross and embrace your own cross. DonÌ_Ì_åÈt settle for mediocrity in your spiritual life! Learn how to grow in holiness and renew the world in The Answer to the Problem of Modern Society.

YouÌ_Ì_åÈll Learn

  • The need for Eucharistic Adoration and how it unites us to Christ in an inexplicable manner

  • Why Satan is the root cause of many crises afflicting and infecting the Church

  • Why the Devil is always most powerful when his existence is denied

  • How the standard of Christ is radically different from the standard of the world

  • Why social justice is one of the most difficult of all virtues to practice but the easiest one to talk about

  • How to authentically foster a devotion to the Holy Spirit

  • How the believing spouse can sanctify their unbelieving spouse

  • The incredible truth that we are redeemed by Jesus' sacrifice and His precious blood



(No reviews yet) Write a Review