Union With God: Learning From St. Teresa of Avila (Digital)

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Union With God: Learning From St. Teresa of Avila (Digital)

Product Overview

Ralph Martin -- (4 CD Set)

Do concepts like, “Union with God” only apply to saints and the very holy? Do you desire to increase your prayer life but have trouble just getting in a daily Rosary? Have you ever attempted to read the writings of the great mystics only to wind up feeling lost? Now, with the help of well-known Catholic author Ralph Martin’s dynamic 4 CD set, Union with God: Learning from St. Teresa of Avila, you can take the first steps towards spiritual perfection.

For twenty years Ralph Martin’s Renewal Ministries, has been helping people just like you prepare their souls for union with God through conferences, retreats, and missionary work around the world. Now, in this extraordinary presentation, he expertly guides you through St. Teresa of Avila’s mystical “seven mansions,” commonly referred to as the “Interior Castle.”

A Deeper Understanding
Finally, the deep and profound writings of mystics, like St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross, are explained in a simple and easy-to-understand manner! Plus, you’ll learn more secrets of the saints as Ralph Martin unpacks the scripture passages most significant to their spirituality. Even if you have read the works of the mystics before, this series will provide you with new insights to greatly enhance your spiritual journey towards union with God.

Beginning with some basic facts about human nature and our relationship with God, Ralph clearly explains what it means for God to be transcendent and the importance of preparing ourselves to be in His presence. You’ll quickly grasp the method God uses to bring us to sanctity and salvation while gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of sending us His only Son.

Journey Through the Mansions
Ralph Martin’s inspiring series invites you to walk through the doorway of each of St. Teresa of Avila’s seven mansions, as he brings this deep theological teaching down to a level you can really understand. This “guided tour” not only provides you great insight into each spiritual dwelling place, but also reveals the importance of the virtues of humility and perseverance.

You’ll also discover unique and enlightening insights into the remarkable woman we call St. Teresa; how she endured daily trials and sufferings; how she founded a remarkable twenty-two monasteries in her lifetime; and why this incorruptible saint became the first female Doctor of the Church in 1971.

Overcome Spiritual Obstacles
Your interior life will be greatly enriched as you listen to Ralph Martin explain St. Teresa’s top five conditions for effective prayer. You’ll begin to experience the treasures of the Holy Spirit as you discover the simplicity of “just paying attention to God” and learn to discern the different methods of prayer and how you can apply them to your life. Perhaps most valuable of all, you’ll learn to recognize the obstacles that frequently block your path to spiritual growth and how to overcome them.

God in His providence raised up the humble, unlettered Teresa of Avila to be a great saint and doctor of the universal church. Order Ralph Martin’s excellent series Union with God: Learning from St. Teresa of Avila and open your eyes to her path of greater holiness and deeper relationship with God.

You’ll Learn

  • The goal of the mystics and doctors of the church

  • How to gain peace in your life

  • How to be poor in spirit and develop contentment in your life whether you have a lot or a little

  • How your vocal prayer can become mental prayer

  • St. Teresa’s methods of prayer and how you can apply them to your life

  • St. Teresa’s top five conditions for effective prayer

  • How to be prompt in obedience

  • The eight major obstacles to growth towards union with God

  • How St. Teresa’s teachings apply to you whatever your state in life

  • How to focus on your own imperfections and not be scandalized by those around you


(No reviews yet) Write a Review