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For years we've dreamt of creating a place to share unique items made by exceptional people that help you live a Catholic lifestyle. Every day in our work, we meet wonderful folks on a mission to share the Faith in new and interesting ways.

So we built CEDAR HOUSE—a unique place for Catholic creators, big and small, to share their products and mission with you. Our hope is to make shopping for solid, innovative Catholic products easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Read the stories of the passionate people behind the products on our shelves. Connect with their mission, share about it, and invest in it by making a purchase or supporting them directly. We want Cedar House to be more than a reseller for Catholic entrepreneurs—we want it to be a blessing to their mission and to the Church.

In the second book of Samuel, David longed to create a house for the Lord with the finest material available—in that time and place, cedar wood. The prophet Nathan revealed to David that it would be his son Solomon who would ultimately complete this house, but it was David who spent a lifetime storing up the materials.

That’s how we like to think of our warehouse in Sycamore, Illinois: as a temporary home for Catholic products that you’ll use to grow your faith and the faith of those around you, building up a new Cedar House for the Lord right where you are. 

Our goal is to facilitate an encounter with Christ for those who pass through our virtual doors and introduce them to some reasons to celebrate being Catholic right now.

Shop, read, and share. And drop us a line if you know of amazing products and stories that we should support here!