Abandonment To Divine Providence (Digital)

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Abandonment To Divine Providence (Digital)

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Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade  -- 
Read by Mark Taheny

Although recognized as a work of profound spirituality, Abandonment to Divine Providence is a book that gifted 18th century cleric Jean-Pierre de Caussade did not even know he had written!

It was actually compiled and published over a century after his death by Visitation nuns who, fortunately for the world, saved his writings on how to determine God's Will for your life.

Written to help those who despair of ever becoming holy, Abandonment to Divine Providence shows how God is to be found amidst the simplest of daily activities-but especially through total surrender to His Will.

Newly re-mastered on four audio CDs you can experience timeless lessons of practical spiritual counsel on conformity to the Will of God, interior direction, overcoming temptations and trials, prayer and much more.

A treasure of inspiration and direction that you'll listen to again and again as steady guide for your journey of faith. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review