Answering Common Objections (Digital)

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Answering Common Objections (Digital)

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Dr. Scott Hahn -- (Available as 6 CD Set, & MP3 Download)

Dr. Scott Hahn Answers the Most Common Objections Facing Catholics Today!

As a former Protestant minister, Dr. Scott Hahn knows all too well the most common objections non-Catholics have to the Catholic Faith. If you need a single resource for answering the various objections that Protestant Christians make to the Catholic Faith, on such issues as the authority of the Pope, the doctrine of Purgatory, devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Saints, Confession, and the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; this classic series has the answers. Dr. Hahn’s powerful presentations not only provide answers, but are an invaluable tool for sharing the truth of the Catholic Faith. Order now and learn how to start Answering Common Objections.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are the most common non-Catholics objections to Catholicism and how they originated

  • How to use the Bible to defend the truth of Catholic teaching

  • How to help Protestant friends and family understand the Church’s true teaching regarding the authority of the Pope

  • Why calling priests "Father" doesn’t go against Scripture

  • How the saints make up a "cloud of witness" which "cheers on" the Christian family on earth

  • How Catholics understand the Biblical reality of Our Lord’s teaching on the Eucharist

  • Where to find the Scriptural evidence that supports many of the Catholic doctrines routinely rejected by Protestants

  • Why, and how, Catholics show devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints, and much more...

Talks in this set:
Talk 1: The Pope - 62 minutes
Talk 2: Holy Eucharist - 73 minutes
Talk 3: Blessed Virgin Mary - 70 minutes
Talk 4: Confession - 73 minutes
Talk 5: Purgatory - 71 minutes
Talk 6: Saints - 70 minutes

Praise for Answering Common Objections:

“Dr. Hahn’s scholarly knowledge of Scripture, both the Old and the New Testament, is unpacked in such a way that even the unscholarly listener, such as myself, can easily discern the meaning. A marvelous tool for anyone wishing to evangelize.”

–Cornelius, from Florida


(No reviews yet) Write a Review