Antique Series Greeting Cards 12-Pack

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Antique Series Greeting Cards 12-Pack

Product Overview

The Antique Series Boxed Cards - set of 12 (includes 3 cards of four images): Featuring four different black & white antique holy card images on blank notecards with Matching Envelopes. The cards and envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper. Single Card Dimensions: 4.5 X 6.

Each Box Includes:

  • 3 Mother of Beautiful Love Cards: The original antique holy card has “Mother of Beautiful Love” inscribed in cursive along the bottom of the card.

  • 3 See O’ See How I Love Thee Cards: The black and white image depicts the Christ Child lifting up his Sacred Heart as it forms the shape of the Eucharist with a faint cross in the middle of the host. The simple caption “See, O See How I Love Thee” speaks for itself. Image used with permission from: The Window Shows It All.

  • 3 St. Anne and the Child Mary Cards: This card is from a turn-of-the-century, sepia-colored holy card. The image was created by Etienne Azambre (1859-1935). St. Anne lovingly holds the child Mary in her arms while Mary cradles a dove - symbolic of a human soul in search of heaven.

  • 3 Body of Christ Cards: This powerful black and white antique holy card lets us watch a child approach the Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review