Cat Chat: Jesus in My Heart

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Cat Chat: Jesus in My Heart

Product Overview

Cat Chat is a Catholic Audio Show for kids to help them learn and love their Faith! Using prayer, great conversations, faith-filled stories, and catchy songs, each CD discusses the Catholic Faith while teaching kids powerful lessons for living out their Faith every day. Join Moses the Talking Cat, Papa, Josh, Hanna, and friends for an unforgettable experience!

Join Papa, Josh, Hannah, Moses, and cousins Sarah and Jesse for a fun filled camping trip! Kids will learn all about prayer and the importance of having Jesus in their lives. So get out your camping gear, pop a marshmallow on your roasting stick, and enjoy Cat Chat: Jesus in My Heart!

Praise for Jesus in My Heart

"All of the Cat Chat cds are great! Kids love the songs and stories, and even adults enjoy them too!"

Bonus Songs

  • He’s In My Heart

  • To Be Like Jesus

  • I Love You Lord

  • I Forgive

  • Jesus, My Faith Is in You

  • The Lord’s Prayer

Product Details

  • Audio drama run time: 38 minutes

  • Bonus songs run time: 36 minutes

  • Recommended age: 3-11 years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review