Catholicism: The Pivotal Players DVD Leader's Kit

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Catholicism: The Pivotal Players DVD Leader's Kit

Product Overview

The Leader's Kit includes the CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players video set, Pivotal Players Leader’s Guide, a set of 120 Prayer Cards (20 for each Pivotal Player), and the book Praying with the Pivotal Players by Amy Welborn.

The Leader’s Kit provides everything you need to host a Pivotal Players Study Program. We recommend that each parish or group purchase one Leader’s Kit to get started and then a separate Leader’s Guide for each small group discussion facilitator. In addition, each regular participant in the program needs a Study Guide, which can be purchased in bulk with a volume discount before your program begins.

The Leader’s Guide includes a Facilitator’s Guide, all 12 lessons that are in the participant’s Study Guide, and an Answer Key for the Questions for Understanding. The Facilitator’s Guide explains in detail how to plan, promote, and present the study. You can also register for a free training webinar for all study coordinators and small group facilitators.

For group study, you can present the program in thirteen 90-minute sessions. The first session is orientation and then there are two sessions for each Pivotal Player. Each session includes video viewing and small group discussion of Study Guide questions. Participants read the commentary in the study guide and prepare the questions before the small group discussion. This preparation can be accomplished either before or after viewing the video, as the Commentary in each lesson is very detailed.

Bishop Barron recommends beginning and ending each session with a prayer, so 20 sets of the Pivotal Players Prayer Cards are included for all participants. Each participant and leader receives six Prayer Cards, one of each Pivotal Player. We recommend using each Pivotal Players Prayer Card during the two sessions devoted to that Pivotal Player. You can purchase additional packs of Prayer Cards if your group exceeds 20 people.

Includes: Pivotal Players DVD, Leader's Guide, Set of 120 Prayer Cards, Praying with the Pivotal Players book


(No reviews yet) Write a Review