Centered: The Spirituality of Word on Fire

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Centered: The Spirituality of Word on Fire

Product Overview

Bishop Robert Barron presents a foundational tool that will help evangelists better understand the spiritual and theological ethos of Word on Fire.

The contents of this book are aligned with the Eight Principles of Word on Fire:

  • Unwavering Christocentrism

  • Evangelization of the Culture

  • Special Commitment to New Media

  • Rootedness in the Mystical Body

  • Leading with Beauty

  • Affirmative Orthodoxy

  • Collaborative Apostolate

  • Grounded on the Eucharist

Take this book with you into prayer. Reflect on the ways Bishop Barron articulates the truths of Catholicism, and allow them to shape your own articulation. Contemplate the ways in which this expression of faith can mold you in the image of Jesus Christ. Consider it a road map by which the ethos and spirituality of Bishop Barron can guide your own daily life of evangelization.

Too often we separate our spiritual life from the life of evangelization. This book will integrate the two.

Product Details

  • Cover: Cloth Hardcover

  • 168 pages

  • Book Dimensions: 5.1 x 7.3

  • Published Year: 2020


(No reviews yet) Write a Review