Exploring The Depths Of Jonah

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Exploring The Depths Of Jonah

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Scott Hahn, Ph.D.  -- Four CD set 

Only four chapters long, the book of Jonah is one of the best known, but least understood, books of the Old Testament. For most, it is a Sunday school story of a cowardly prophet who got swallowed by a whale; but, beneath this shallow understanding is a deep and meaningful message.

With this eye-opening four-CD series from best-selling Catholic author and theologian Scott Hahn, Ph.D., you will see why the Book of Jonah is more than a parable, satire, or allegory.

In fact, Dr. Hahn reveals Jonah to be truly “prophetic history.” Experience the wonder of discovery as you enhance your Biblical understanding by exploring the depths of Jonah.

Now you’ll learn:
Why the book of Jonah was so important to the ministry of Christ;
why it is feasible Jonah was really swallowed by a big fish;
what is the “sign of Jonah” mentioned by Jesus;
how Jonah was not a coward, but a patriot;
and much more



(No reviews yet) Write a Review