Glorious Mysteries CD & The Triumph of Jesus coloring book

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Glorious Mysteries CD & The Triumph of Jesus coloring book

Product Overview

With this special package, children can pray with children like themselves, while they engage their hands and imaginations coloring the pictures as they follow along.

From the Annunciation through the Coronation, these beautifully illistrated Life of Jesus coloring books will teach Salvation History while entertaining your kids! The charming artwork comes from a team of former Disney animators led by John Webber and Caroline Spinelli.


The Glorious Mysteries The Glorious Mysteries is the last of the 4-volume set of the Mysteries of the Rosary. Each mystery is introduced by an explanation of “what happened in the mystery.” Then, before each “Hail Mary”, a child reads a verse from the Scriptural revelation of the mystery. Original orchestral music by Eric Genuis aids the beauty of the meditations.

The Triumph of Jesus coloring book With the companion coloring book to The Glorious Mysteries, children can follow along while the family prays. Large illustrations illuminate Jesus’s Resurrection, His Ascension into Heaven, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Assumption of His mother Mary into Heaven, and her Crowning as Queen-Mother in His never-ending Kingdom. Bonus pages remind us of His Life on earth.

Product Details:

  • Book dimentions: 8.5 x 11

  • Book legnth: 32 pages

  • CD Runtime: 30 minutes

  • Recommended age: 2-12 years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review