Glory Stories: Pope St. John Paul II

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Glory Stories: Pope St. John Paul II

Product Overview

Allow your children to be inspired by these stories of the lives of the saints. Watch as your children’s imaginations are captured as they listen to these professionally produced dramatizations. The Glory Stories tell the true stories of the lives of holy people of God and are both catechetical and entertaining (to both children and adults)! Every story teaches a truth of the Catholic Faith and listeners get to know saints who set inspiring examples for youngsters to emulate in their early walk of Faith.

Includes one double-length story:

Be Not Afraid! Through the inspiring life of Saint John Paul II, children will learn what it means to trust in God’s Providence: God will direct all things for your good and the good of the whole world, if you just pray and try to act for the glory of God.

Praise for Glory Stories:

“My 5 and 7 year olds were enthralled with JP II’s story, and they wanted to get in the car each time to hear even more as we drove. We’ll be ordering many more Glory Story CD’s. Quiet, non arguing kids on a long car ride, plus our faith and wonderful saintly examples being taught. . . What’s not to love about these CDs?!?!”

“My boys are captivated by this story because of the example it gives of a faithful child who is not afraid when he trusts in God. I love that they are learning about an important historical event from a Catholic perspective, too.”

Product Details:

  • Runtime: 63 minutes

  • Recommended age: 4-12 years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review