Holiness in Everyday Life: The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales

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Holiness in Everyday Life: The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales

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Ralph Martin  --  (5 CDs)

Money. Family. Work. School. Church. So much to do, so little time. And yet you long to develop a deeper commitment to family, community and most importantly, God. But how do you start? Where do you find the time? Is there an answer that you can live with? Is there any relevant wisdom from the 2000-year history of the Catholic Church to guide you in your quest for holiness at the "speed of life"?

Essential Teachings
In the life-changing new five-CD series, Holiness in Everyday Life: The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales, popular Catholic speaker Ralph Martin explains that you don't have to join a monastery to grow in holiness. Now, in this inspirational series, he'll introduce you to the essential teachings of St. Francis de Sales that will empower you to significantly transform your life.

A Perfect Guide
Never out-of-print, St. Francis de Sales' best-known work, Introduction to the Devout Life, is considered a mirror of its author-thorough, reliable, authoritative, kind and gentle. A great saint and doctor of the Church, Francis remains a perfect guide for today's busy Catholic as he focuses on how lay people, no matter what their circumstances, can and should grow in holiness.

In this exciting series of five powerful talks, Ralph Martin will share with you the most important elements of St. Francis' collected wisdom to reveal how you can achieve true sanctity in your everyday life.

Process of Transformation
Combining the teaching of the "Gentle Doctor" with those of Teresa of Avila, Vatican Council II, Pope John Paul II and more, Ralph Martin reveals that holiness in everyday life is not only possible, but actually makes you a better worker, spouse, friend, family member, or whatever your station in life.

Most important of all, you'll discover the absolutely necessary process of transformation that must happen to make holiness in your everyday life possible. Order Holiness in Everyday Life: The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales today and take your first step to a happier, holier more satisfying life.

Ralph Martin is a devoted husband and father of six, the author of many books, the president of Renewal Ministries, the host of the weekly television program The Choices We Face, and an instructor of theology at Sacred Heart Seminary-among other things!


What holiness in everyday life is-and what it isn't
How to overcome sin and the affection for sin
Why St. Francis de Sales is called the "Gentle Doctor"
How to cultivate prayerfulness throughout the day
Why holiness is really about perfection in love
How to deal with temptations
Why "Fear of the Lord" is politically incorrect - but essential to everyday holiness
How many have become perfected in the midst of crowds while others have lost their souls in solitude
How you can aspire to a perfect life wherever you may be



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