Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal

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Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal

Product Overview

The Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal is a perfect gift for anyone pre-teen and up. It is simple enough to conform to your own prayer style, but it will also challenge you with practices the saints have proven to raise your soul to God’s transforming love.

The “meat” of the Journal is the pages for each day, with handy checkboxes and lines to record some of your ordinary practices, such as whether you’ve prayed the Rosary (and how many decades) or gone to Mass or Confession. These pages are not dated, so you can use as many pages as you need for each day, and you can skip days without wasting any pages.

You’ll also find pages for:

  • “How to Use the Spiritual Journal,” with tips from previous users

  • A list of over 50 Feast Days for the year (no, it’s not ALL of them, but we think we’ve included most of your favorites)

  • Traditional prayers for morning, midday, and nighttime

  • Scriptural citations for the Holy Rosary and the days to pray each set of Mysteries

  • A step-by-step daily Daily Examen based on the method of Saint Ignatius Loyola

  • Prayer lists for people you know, people you don’t know, and prayer intentions (and—because children asked for it—space for “God’s Answer,” because they know sometimes He does not give us what we want, because it is not what we need)

  • Advent and Lenten guidelines, regulations, and explanations (the Lent page has the rules for fasting and abstinence)

  • A short examination of conscience and step-by-step guide for Confession, with tear out pages to bring with you into the Confessional (children asked for this… but we adults use them, too)

Praise for the Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal

“My 14 year old daughter LOVES these journals. She loves to write, is creative, and has a great devotion to Mary and the Catholic faith. This journal helps her to be expressive and still practice her faith devoutly.”

“I highly recommend these journals. I’m glad I also re-ordered to get one for myself! The journals improved our daily prayer immediately on Day One, and has given us a concrete reminder to think on our blessings, examine our consciences, and other important things each day.”

Product Details

  • 216 pages

  • Journal size: 6.5" x 9"

  • Coil-bound to lay flat

  • Includes 4 “Prayer Prompt Cards” for the liturgical seasons

  • Released: 2017


(No reviews yet) Write a Review