Home Altars | Sacred Heart | The Catholic Woodworker | LIMITED EDITION

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Home Altars | Sacred Heart | The Catholic Woodworker | LIMITED EDITION

Product Overview

We have a natural tendency to create spaces for things. Look around your home or office—there are spaces to eat, sleep, socialize, and watch TV. So it’s only natural that we should designate a space at home for the most important thing do: pray!

That’s the idea behind The Catholic Woodworker’s new home altars. These gorgeous, hand-crafted altars are designed to help you create a physical space for prayer in your home or office. These altars were made to be mobile, so you can easily set up a prayer space anywhere you go. It’s a great way to keep God at the center of your life as you travel.

This high quality walnut-based home altar includes a Benedictine crucifix assembled by Italian craftsmen and a beautiful exclusive Sacred Heart prayer card by Baritus Catholic.

There is a limited quantity of these altars available with the Sacred Heart prayer card. If you want to make this a part of your sacred space, you should order soon!

Product Details

  • Walnut-based wood

  • Benedictine Crucifix

  • Base measures 2" by 4"

  • Prayer Card designed by Baritus Catholic


(No reviews yet) Write a Review