Irresistible Joy (Digital)

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Irresistible Joy (Digital)

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All Catholics have been called to participate in the New Evangelization, but many of us hesitate. Dr. Scott Hahn reminds us that we can all share the Gospel by spreading its joy. The world offers countless pleasures, but only Christ can offer lasting joy, which we all find irresistible. The more we enjoy being Catholic, the more contagious our faith will be, and the more we will win back the fallen away for Christ.

Note: this talk was previously called Saved by Hope.

“Even if you can't defend the faith, even if you can't explain each and every doctrine, or prove them from the Bible, what each of us can do is this: enjoy being Catholic. That's the best way to evangelize family and friends! The more we enjoy being Catholic, the more contagious we become as Catholics, the more infectious our faith will be.”

- Dr. Scott Hahn, from Irresistible Joy

About the Speaker

Dr. Scott Hahn is an exceptionally popular speaker and teacher. He has delivered countless talks nationally and abroad on a wide variety of topics, helping thousands of Protestants and fallen away Catholics to (re)embrace the Catholic faith.


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