Lord Have Mercy (Digital)

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Lord Have Mercy (Digital)

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Dr. Scott Hahn -- (3 Talk Set)

God Fathers His Family
In this three talk series, Lord Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession, Dr. Scott Hahn shares the great insight he discovered on his way to becoming Catholic. Namely, that throughout the Old and New Testaments, God consistently used confession as He carefully fathered His family down through the ages. Rather than being another “Catholic invention,” Dr Hahn demonstrates that confession is clearly a Biblical practice elevated to a Sacrament by Jesus Himself.

Unleash God’s Merciful Love
Learn how to get more out of confession and unleash God’s mercy into your life on both a personal and practical level. Dr. Hahn gently guides you to experience the healing power and the life-giving love contained in this powerful but too often ignored Sacrament. Let Dr. Hahn lead you to the font of divine forgiveness so that you can move beyond a worldly way of thinking and “put on the mind of Christ.”

Only in this way can our families, parishes, and dioceses be radically transformed into the visible image of God!

You’ll Learn

  • What were the four questions God asked Adam and Eve after the Fall

  • Why the examination of conscience is a “brutal self-inventory”

  • How the Bible models confession of sin

  • Why Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary perfected and elevated the sacrifices of the Old Covenant

  • How confession does for the soul what doctors do for the body

  • Why one mortal sin can destroy the soul and can cause spiritual death for eternity

  • Why if you will not repent, you will resent

  • How we play the “blame game” to make excuses for our sinfulness

  • How Catholics can fully live the mysteries of God’s mercy


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