Marriage Care Novena Book

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Marriage Care Novena Book

Product Overview

The Marriage Care Novena is a 9 day adventure designed to help couples put God at the center of their marriage.

Each of the 9 days features:

  • A brief meditation

  • Questions to think about

  • Prayers to say together with your spouse

Based on the experience of Lorrie and Don who were struggling in their marriage until they invited God in, this practical book will give struggling couples hope and strengthen the marriages of happy couples.

Praise for the Marriage Care Novena

“It’s a must not only for those who are struggling in marriage but those who want to strengthen and deepen their marriage.”

–Fr. Howard Barch in Illinois

I’ve worked with the divorced for over twenty years; and too many threw up their hands or threw in the towel when they didn’t have help through the tough times. Don and Lorrie have been there, never gave up, and they KNOW what works. This beautiful novena is a fruit of their love labors and something every couple should have—before they divorce.”

—Rose Sweet, Catholic Author & Speaker

Too many marriage-help materials gloss-over, or downright ignore, the very real challenges of life, leaving couples feeling like the author doesn't understand what they really go through. This Novena is exactly the opposite. It embraces those challenges and uses them as the basis to trust God to build the relationship.”

—Scott Russell in Illinois


(No reviews yet) Write a Review