Overcoming The New Age Movement

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Overcoming The New Age Movement

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Matthew Arnold -- (3 Talk Set)

In this explosive three-CD series, Catholic convert Matt Arnold shares his deep knowledge and firsthand experiences concerning this ever-popular and all-pervasive world view. Arnold effectively argues that the New Age Movement has indeed infected most facets of modern society.

From the ordinary parish to the local public school system, the New Age philosophy, once publicly scoffed and readily ridiculed, has been gradually assimilated into everyday life. This is a perfect series to better understand the hidden dangers and deceptive doctrine of the New Age that now permeates society and have even crept their way into the Church.

Sharing from his own journey of faith, Matt Arnold is able to share with you his firsthand experiences in channeling and as a tarot card reader. You are sure to be surprised, as you discover what really goes on in these occult-based sessions that dupe people into believing their authenticity as they milk them for more and more money!

You will learn the line of demarcation between 'mystic' and 'mistake' as Matt reveals unknown secrets and elusive tricks of the New Age trade. After listening to this series you will realize the incredible threat that New Age philosophy and practices pose in regards to your eternal salvation. Overcome it before it overwhelms you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review