Rediscovering Christmas (Digital)

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Rediscovering Christmas (Digital)

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Dr. Edmund Mazza  --  (4 Talk Set)

What Do You Do When the Most Joyous Season of the Year has Become More “Ho-hum” than “Ho, Ho, Ho?”

Each Christmas Catholics face the challenge of navigating a yearly routine of commercialism, cards, presents, and parties entirely divorced from the real “reason for the season.” Yet, separated from authentic history, the stable in the little town of Bethlehem is nothing more than a cardboard cutout among the rest of the decorations. While no sensible person would form an opinion on a great book having only read the last chapter, many today light candles and sing Christmas carols in blissful ignorance of the incredible events that led up to the appearance of the Babe in the Manger. But where do you turn to learn the “rest of the story?”

Divine Truth in Earthly History
Edmund Mazza, PhD is the rare university professor who is both humble and courageous enough to challenge the smug assumptions of secular scholarship so as to uncover the true meaning of Christmas precisely in the context of earthly history. In an engaging and entertaining way, Dr. Mazza makes sense of Scripture, Tradition, and history to reveal startling insights from an astounding array of serious sources. Through Old Testament prophecies to ancient oracles to modern discoveries of astronomy and archaeology you will boldly overcome modern ignorance and indifference to enjoy your most profound experience of Christmas ever.

What You Will Discover:

  • Why exploring the mystery of Christmas is “not for the timid”

  • How to avoid the extremes of fundamentalism and rationalist skepticism concerning prophecy

  • How the true Christmas season begins when the secular celebration ends

  • Why only the very simple and the very wise discover God (like the shepherds and magi)

  • How the prophecies of the Sibyls can be found in ancient Christian liturgies

  • How the journey of the wise men parallels the journey of the Church

  • How to counter the secular attack on Christmas

  • How God gave Divine revelation to the Jews and natural revelation to the pagans

  • What contemporary astronomical investigations reveal about the Star of Bethlehem

  • And much more…


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