Restored: Stories of Encounter - Discussion Guide

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Restored: Stories of Encounter - Discussion Guide

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Restored: Stories of Encounter is a six-part documentary series on individuals who had radical encounters with Christ and went on to make a real difference in the world. This series provides vivid and deeply human role models for all who desire life in Christ.

With the beautiful, full-color discussion guide, you can lead a group study that looks closely at the love that created the ministries in the series. By studying these six beautiful witnesses to the Faith, participants can find new ways to imitate Christ in their own lives. That’s why we study the lives of the saints in the first place!

Every chapter of this guide begins with reflections on mercy, then concludes by challenging the assumptions and attitudes which hold us back from sainthood in our own lives. This resource is intended for use in a small group setting, but of course, you can use it to create a retreat or mission experience for yourself.

This moving series works wonderfully for a classroom setting, a family movie night, or a small group at your parish.

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  • Cover: paperback

  • 60 pages

  • Book dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

  • Published year: 2019

  • Language: English


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