Surrendered To Love: The Wisdom of Therese of Lisieux

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Surrendered To Love: The Wisdom of Therese of Lisieux

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Ralph Martin -- (4 CD Set)

“Humble and poor, Thérèse shows the ‘little way’ of children who confide in their Father with ‘bold trust.’ The heart of her message, her spiritual attitude, is for all the faithful.” It was with these words that Pope John Paul II announced that Thérèse of Lisieux, the beloved “Little Flower” was to be made a Doctor of the Church.

Universal Teacher
In the remarkable series Surrendered to Love: The Wisdom of Thérèse of Lisieux, Ralph Martin reveals that it is neither her holiness or popularity that qualified Thérèse to be a Doctor of the Church, but the depth of her doctrine and the simple way she expressed it. As you listen, you’ll discover a saint that is also a universal teacher, whose writing makes us truly feel her presence. Like us, she had neither visions nor ecstasies, but teaches profound truths with plain speech and unforgettable stories accessible to all.

Amazing Impact
Now, let Ralph Martin guide you through the inspiring writings of Thérèse of Lisieux, to discover how, although she died in 1897 in an obscure Carmelite convent, she has had an amazing worldwide impact on millions of people, which continues to unfold in our day. Order now and discover why the “Little Flower” is proving to be one of the most inspiring and practically helpful saints in the history of the Church!

You’ll Learn

  • How simple acts of self-denial can lead to self-mastery and real penance

  • How to understand Jesus’s desire for our love

  • What we really need to be holy

  • How to find joy in the inner recesses of the soul

  • What deep insights God granted Thérèse in order to reveal the nature of His love

  • What is our true vocation as Christians

  • How Thérèse could do more good in her hidden, contemplative life than in an active life

  • How divine guidance in life comes from union with God

  • How to find consolation in God’s justice as well as His mercy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review