Testimony To Truth (DVD)

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Testimony To Truth (DVD)

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Dr. Scott Hahn & Dcn. Alex Jones -- (DVD)

Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic!
The powerful conversion testimony of renowned professor of theology and best-selling author Dr. Scott Hahn has become legendary for helping even the most hardened hearts fall in love with the Catholic Faith. In this DVD presentation, you'll see Scott tell his story of courage and conversion as he relates the trials and triumphs of his journey to Catholicism.

You'll relive how the once staunch anti-Catholic Calvinist made the shocking discovery of Catholic Truth in his beloved Scriptures and wrestled with the loss of his Protestant ministry, prestige, many friends and nearly his marriage, all for the sake of the full truth of the Gospel!

No Price Too High!
Also included in Testimony to Truth is the best-selling conversion testimony of Alex Jones. And if there is one thing that marks the faith journey of Alex Jones, it is his uncompromising commitment to the truth. In 1998, then-Reverend Jones promised his congregation a real New Testament worship service. In thirty short days of reading the Early Church Fathers, he came face to face with the Apostolic Church.

Here in the writings of other "Pentecostal Pastors" who had known and followed the apostles themselves, was a Christianity he had never known; a liturgical and hierarchical Church where the center of worship was not just great preaching or even the movement of the Spirit, but the Eucharist. Going to the Bible, Alex found that the Church founded by Jesus was, in fact, the Catholic Church.

Spark a New Fire for the Catholic Faith!
In this astonishing full-length DVD presentation, Testimony to Truth, you'll discover the sacrificial yet triumphant journeys of two exceptional men of deep integrity and love for Christ.

You'll learn:
• How the desire of the Early Church was to serve Christ and grow in holiness
• Which irrefutable Biblical Truths confirm the Catholic Church
• Why the Eucharist is not simply a memorial, but a sacrifice
• The importance of the covenants in Scripture
• How the Early Church knew nothing of Sola Scriptura
• The differences between a typical Pentecostal service and a genuine "New Testament" worship service
• What the Bible and the Fathers have to say about Tradition
• And much more


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