The Mass Study Guide

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The Mass Study Guide

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This study guide to Bishop Barron's The Mass will help take you deeper into this profound study on the Mass. Each lesson in the Guide provides detailed commentary on Bishop Barron’s video and “Questions for Understanding" based on the video, Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The “Questions for Application" in each lesson aid in connecting the material to our own lives and experiences.

Bishop Barron's The Mass
Features six beautiful and engaging sessions:

  • Episode 1: A Privileged Encounter: The Closest Thing to Heaven on Earth

  • Episode 2: Called Out of the World: The Introductory Rites

  • Episode 3: God Speaks Our Story: The Scripture Readings

  • Episode 4: Responding to Our God: Homily, Creed and Prayer of the Faithful

  • Episode 5: Preparing for Sacrifice: Offertory and Eucharistic Prayer

  • Episode 6: The Real Presence Creates Communion: Transubstantiation and Transformation


(No reviews yet) Write a Review