The Mystery: A Bible Study On The Book of Ephesians (Digital)

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The Mystery: A Bible Study On The Book of Ephesians (Digital)

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Dr. Scott Hahn  —  (5 CDs)

Why does Saint Paul see the Church as “The Mystery of Christ”? How should we understand predestination? What are the teachings of Saint Paul and the Church on this difficult mystery? What is God's design for marriage? How is the husband the “head” and the wife “the heart” of the home? How can we “put on God's armor” to fulfill our vocations as husbands and wives? How do they influence our everyday lives?

In this outstanding series now available on CD, Dr. Scott Hahn tackles these tough questions by examining one of the most important books in the New Testament. Discover an amazing Biblical book that has much to say about God’s eternal plan and the Church today.

Profound and Practical Theology
This epistle has special significance for Dr. Hahn because it was the subject of the last Bible study he directed as a Protestant minister. In fact, it was Saint Paul’s teaching about the centrality of the Church (and Its unity) that led Dr. Hahn to enter the Catholic Church. Now you’ll see why as Scott reveals how this remarkable epistle contains some of the most profound and practical theology in the early Christian Church.

As you listen, you’ll drink deep from the “wellspring of wisdom” contained in the concise chapters of this New Testament letter. In fact, you’ll learn why the theology in Ephesians is considered by some scholars to be “too high” to be an authentic epistle of Saint Paul. Dr. Hahn blows away this opinion and shows why, as Pope Benedict XVI has said, the New Testament authors are the normative theologians of the Church.

Clear, Sound and Powerful Teaching
This vital five-CD series is an absolute must for Christians ready for the “meat and potatoes” of the teaching from the great Apostle to the Gentiles. Deep and theological as well as practical and pastoral, Saint Paul’s eloquent epistle addresses a wide range of crucial Christian topics, from justification, to predestination, to baptism, marriage and more.

Order The Mystery: A Bible Study on the Book of Ephesians today and prepare to be enthralled by the clear, sound and powerful teaching that has made Dr. Hahn one of the most influential voices in Catholic Bible study today.

I know of no more authentically Biblical, more reliably Catholic, or more exciting theologian in the world today than Scott Hahn.” -Peter Kreeft

You’ll Learn:

  • Why the Church’s Magisterium exists not to exempt but to equip Catholics for more effective Bible study

  • How Ephesians is a theological meditation on Christ, the Church and God’s eternal plan of salvation

  • Why you can’t have God as your Father without having the Church as your Mother

  • How Saint Paul teaches us to “spiritually read” the Old Testament

  • How Purgatory relates to the major teachings of the Christian Faith

  • Why the Church is Body, Bride and Temple

  • How we relate to angels—and what we teach them

  • What is the Catholic understanding of predestination and how it coincides with human freedom

  • How our prayers and good works can benefit the faithful departed

  • Why enticing someone to commit mortal sin is a form of “spiritual abortion”

  • How Christ merited even “our capacity to merit” and thereby share in God’s saving work

  • And much more


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