The Sacraments Blu-ray Set

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The Sacraments Blu-ray Set

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In this beautiful follow-up series to The Mass, Bishop Robert Barron explains, as only he can, the depth and riches of the sacraments.

This series will help you understand how everything in the Church’s life comes from and returns to the sacraments—and how their persistence throughout the centuries comes from the very presence of Christ. Beautifully shot and edited, this series is visually magnificent on Blu-ray!


  • Introduction & Baptism (29:31)

  • Confirmation (23:37)

  • The Eucharist (26:55)

  • Reconciliation (26:46)

  • The Anointing of the Sick (23:03)

  • Matrimony & Holy Orders (33:43)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review