The Soul Of The Apostolate

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The Soul Of The Apostolate

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Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard  --  (8 CDs) Audio Book - read by Al Covaia

A favorite of popes and saints, The Soul of the Apostolate is an unparalleled introduction to the spiritual life! In this remarkable book lies the necessary secret for all true apostles of Our Lord.

Whether you are a lay minister, parish volunteer, CCD teacher, Catholic parent, or simply want to serve God as best you can, Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard’s classic book will help you do it more successfully. Now available on audio CD, this spiritual treasure is finally more accessible than ever before.

As you listen at home or in the car, you’ll learn time-proven methods of developing and maintaining your interior life amid the bustle and distractions of your daily activities. Now you’ll discover how to cultivate the life of God in your soul and become a better channel of His grace so that He may work through you more effectively than ever before.

As you come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a true apostle of Our Lord, you’ll also learn to recognize and avoid the many pitfalls and dead-ends that plague the modern apostle. Order now to fruitfully follow the ultimate success plan for serving Christ and His Church.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review