Trappings of the Occult

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Trappings of the Occult

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Betty Brennan -- (3 Talk set)

Unbelievable and provocative best describe the message of Betty Brennan. An ordinary lay woman and mother, Betty truly understands the real power of evil. Listen in shock as she recounts her journey from a dark existence of Satan worshipping to the fulfillment of truth in Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church.

Told in Betty Brennan’s uniquely direct style, be moved by her sojourn and inspired by her search for the truth and ultimate chore of righting her wrong by opening the eyes of all people to the truth of evil. Betty will share with you the facts about the evil around us today, and you will be stunned to hear how close it is to you and your loved ones.

Learning how to recognize evil and the devil at work, and combating the forces of this evil are the special skills that await you from the knowledge and wisdom of Betty.

Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to be empowered. And prepare for the fight of your lifetime, for nothing short of your life is at stake in this spiritual war.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review