Cat Chat TV Series - Ep. 5 & 6

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Cat Chat TV Series - Ep. 5 & 6

Product Overview

Episode 5: Hike of My Life

Moses the Cat and the Cat Chat family use well crafted songs and gentle humor to teach us about the seven sacraments. While the Cat Chat family goes on a hike, see what Moses the Cat catches on his fishing adventure.

Featured Songs

  • Giver of Life

  • Hike of My Life

  • Come Live in Me

  • The Mystery

Episode 6: Greatest Gift

In this episode, Moses learns to play the acoustic guitar while the family enters into a great conversation about the beauty and richness of the Mass.

Featured Songs

  • Almighty God

  • Greatest Gift

  • Ultimate One

  • I Believe

  • In the Presence

Praise for the Cat Chat TV Series

“Cat Chat has truly blessed our children with profound knowledge, wisdom, and an absolute joy for our Catholic faith! As a father, you have blessed my wife and myself with solid and much needed resources to lead our children in our family’s faith journey – thank you Cat Chat family!”

Product Details

  • Runtime: 27 minutes per episode

  • Release year: 2012

  • Recommended age: 3-11 years


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