Cat Chat TV Series - Ep. 7 & 8

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Cat Chat TV Series - Ep. 7 & 8

Product Overview

Episode 7: Let it Flow

The Holy Spirit is the source of all great artwork, beautiful poetry, anointed music, and the Bible itself! While Moses is painting a special picture, the Cat Chat family talks about the second person of the Holy Trinity.

Featured Songs

  • River of Life

  • I Love You Lord

  • Simplify

  • Send Down Your Kingdom

  • I am Called

  • More of You

Episode 8: Amazing God

Creation is vast and wonderful, and God made it all for us! Moses and the Cat Chat family have songs to teach us all about our amazing, loving Father in Heaven. Moses puts on his bakers hat and cooks up something special for the whole gang.

Featured Songs

  • Almighty God

  • The Lord Your God

  • In the Presence

  • Shout It Out

  • All Highest

Praise for the Cat Chat TV Series

“Cat Chat has truly blessed our children with profound knowledge, wisdom, and an absolute joy for our Catholic faith! As a father, you have blessed my wife and myself with solid and much needed resources to lead our children in our family’s faith journey – thank you Cat Chat family!”

Product Details

  • Runtime: 27 minutes per episode

  • Release year: 2012

  • Recommended age: 3-11 years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review