Defending The Fullness Of The Faith (Digital)

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Defending The Fullness Of The Faith (Digital)

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Stephen Ray -- (4 Talk Set)

In this exciting series, you will be given the perfect apologetic primer to better understand and defend the Catholic Faith. Stephen Ray, former Evangelical Protestant and Bible teacher, highlights the fundamental issues that many non-Catholics seriously question and some even viciously attack. He shatters the unfounded charges that Catholics have “invented” doctrines by providing straightfoward responses. With incredible enthusiasm, Ray articulates the Truth in a way that is not only solidly Catholic, but totally Biblical as well.

You'll Learn:
• How to disprove the "bible alone" approach
• How to defend the Papacy
• The proper understanding of justification
• How the Church is the "Family of God"
• And much more


(No reviews yet) Write a Review