Encountering Christ In The Gospels (Digital)

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Encountering Christ In The Gospels (Digital)

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Dr. Scott Hahn  --  (6CDs)

Transform Your Reading of the Gospels into a Powerful Encounter with the Living Christ

Why are there different accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus in the Bible? If the New Testament went through a centuries-long period of editing, as some scholars insist, why weren't the various accounts simply brought together into a single narrative? If the Gospels are truly inspired and without error, why do they differ on many details? Why do we have four Gospels?

Mystery of God's Love in Christ
In Encountering Christ in the Gospels, you'll find the answers to these questions and much, much more. Now on CD, this classic series by Dr. Scott Hahn shows you how to come into contact with the living Christ through a careful reading of the four Gospels.

As you explore the four Gospels, you'll discover how each Scriptural author stresses different aspects of Christ's life and message, and why these varying accounts actually deepen our grasp of the mystery of God's love in Christ in a complementary way.

The Word of God in the Words of Men
In six engaging talks, Dr. Hahn reveals the truth about Divine revelation and what it means to say that God inspired the Gospel writers. You'll meet the four evangelists and learn the motives, human and Divine, for the way they chose, organized, and presented the various episodes of the life and ministry of Jesus according to their own powerful and intimate relationship with the living Christ.  Now you'll discern the meaning behind the universal acceptance of these magnificent works as the, "Word of God in the words of men."

Discern the Lord's Message
As you listen to Dr. Hahn's fascinating insights and commentary, you'll feel like you're really hearing the four-fold Gospel for the first time. As you learn how to distinguish the different Christological themes and emphases in each of the four Gospels, you'll be empowered to see the distinctive contribution of each Evangelist and more fruitfully discern the Lord's message when you hear the Gospel read in the liturgy.

The four Gospels are our primary source for the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. But, when you are empowered to read them in the Spirit in which they were written, they become a powerful means of encountering Christ in your life today.

Order now and prepare to enhance your relationship with Christ through the power of His Word.


- What distinguishes the Gospels from other literary forms in the Bible
- Why the New Testament includes four Gospels
- What the Church means by "inspiration" and "inerrancy"
- How to distinguish the Christological themes of the Gospels
- How the Gospels are not just different, but complementary
- What was the intended audience of each Evangelist
- How the inspired authors made use of their own unique faculties in making these inspired "portraits of Jesus"
- Why the Gospels are more than mere biographies
- How to discern the purpose of various accounts - liturgical, catechetical or missionary
- And much more



(No reviews yet) Write a Review