Exodus: Deliverance and Sacrifice (Digital)

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Exodus: Deliverance and Sacrifice (Digital)

Product Overview

Dr. Michael Barber -- (7 CD Set)

How to Read the Book of Exodus to Enrich Your Understanding of Christ, the Church and the Holy Eucharist

In the comprehensive series Exodus: Deliverance and the Sacrifice, Professor Michael Barber reveals how to understand the historical, cultural, and spiritual context of this important Old Testament text. In his exhaustive chapter-by-chapter analysis, you’ll discover how God works in the world in order to teach us important spiritual realities.

More than a mere academic exercise, this Bible study reveals the immense value that the Book of Exodus has for Christians and how to apply its teachings to our own spiritual lives.

The New Passover
Professor of Scripture and Theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, and a protégé of Dr. Scott Hahn, Michael Barber’s extensive 7-CD series proclaims the important truth that, like the ancient Israelites, we too are in exile far from our true home.

In Exodus, God speaks to man in a human way revealing His plan for the tabernacle, priestly vestments, and the altar of sacrifice and prefigures the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass—the new Passover that delivers us from captivity to sin.

Spiritual Slavery
As you delve deep into the second book of Moses, you’ll discern that the physical slavery of the chosen people in Egypt was really a manifestation of their deep spiritual slavery. And, as Michael relates of the ancient Israelites, we also live in a culture deeply rooted in immorality.

We too are in danger of falling into bondage; not physical slavery to the principalities and powers of this world, but to the spiritual forces of the devil and his minions that want to lead us away from Our Lord. We too are in captivity and in exile. We too need to return to the Promised Land of our forefathers. Our true home is the heavenly Jerusalem, and, like people of Israel, we too will be delivered by the Sacrifice of the Lamb.

Scripture’s Crucial Concept
Professor Michael Barber’s Exodus: Deliverance and the Sacrifice of the Lamb powerfully explains the crucial concepts that unveil the key theological pattern of God’s plan of salvation for us.

Order this amazing and eye-opening series today and learn how the covenant God made with the people of Israel at Sinai is the same covenant that Jesus came to fulfill, how virtually the whole Bible can be explained in terms of Exodus, and how it applies to you.

You’ll Learn

  • How Exodus reveals the Holy Eucharist is more than a mere symbol

  • Why idolatry is more tempting than you might think

  • How Jesus came “not to abolish, but to fulfill” the Old Testament

  • Why the Catholic Church is the New Israel

  • How to Interpret the Bible as a Catholic

  • Why God demanded animal sacrifices

  • How the Mass is the new Passover that delivers us from captivity to sin

  • How Jesus testified to the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch

  • Why Scripture’s primary context is the liturgy

  • How archaeology supports the traditional Catholic teaching about the date and authorship of Exodus

  • Why the Bible is inspired, even when it’s not inspiring


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