The Book of Exodus (Digital)

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The Book of Exodus (Digital)

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Dr. Scott Hahn  -- (12 CDs)

At Last! One of Scott Hahn's Most Comprehensive Bible Studies is now on CD!

In this remarkable Bible study Dr. Hahn explains why understanding Exodus is absolutely crucial for all Christians - because it is the primary paradigm of how God saves humanity!

As you listen to these enlightening CDs you will come to see God's larger purpose in leading the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to establish the Mosaic Covenant at Sinai. And how the covenant that God makes with His people at Sinai is precisely the covenant that Christ comes to fulfill!

Virtually the whole Bible is explained in terms of the events in Exodus. Christ is both the New Moses and the Paschal Lamb offered at the Passover, while the Church is the New Israel.

Order this riveting series now and experience the people and events of Exodus fulfilled in your Catholic Faith!

"If you want to understand your Catholic-Christian faith, you have to spend some time in Exodus." -Dr. Scott Hahn



(No reviews yet) Write a Review