Facing Evil Without Fear Bundle

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Facing Evil Without Fear Bundle

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Satan is real and active in the world today, acting "in the world out of hatred for God and his kingdom in Christ Jesus" (CCC 395). While this is true and real, the Good News always reminds us that Satan "cannot prevent the building up of God's reign" (CCC 395) and that "all things work for good for those who love God" (Romans 8:28).

In this compelling, powerful, and explosive bundle of CDs, three dynamic speakers give stories, encounters, and tactics to face evil in the world but never fear that evil due to the power and goodness of God!

This bundle includes:

Trappings of the Occult (3 Talk Set)

Unbelievable and provocative best describe the message of Betty Brennan. An ordinary lay woman and mother, Betty truly understands the real power of evil. Listen in shock as she recounts her journey from a dark existence of Satan worshipping to the fulfillment of truth in Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church.

Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to be empowered. And prepare for the fight of your lifetime, for nothing short of your life is at stake in this spiritual war.

Overcoming the New Age Movement (3 Talk Set)

In this explosive three-CD series, Catholic convert Matt Arnold shares his deep knowledge and firsthand experiences concerning this ever-popular and all-pervasive world view. Arnold effectively argues that the New Age Movement has indeed infected most facets of modern society.

Sharing from his own journey of faith, Matt Arnold is able to share with you his firsthand experiences in channeling and as a tarot card reader. You are sure to be surprised, as you discover what really goes on in these occult-based sessions that dupe people into believing their authenticity as they milk them for more and more money!

You will learn the line of demarcation between 'mystic' and 'mistake' as Matt reveals unknown secrets and elusive tricks of the New Age trade. After listening to this series you will realize the incredible threat that New Age philosophy and practices pose in regards to your eternal salvation. Overcome it before it overwhelms you!


Confessions of an Ex-Satanist: A Message of Hope

Deborah Lipsky’s conversion story from Satanism to Catholicism has captivated listeners from all over the country! Her story has become one of the most requested single CD recordings since the days of Dr. Hahn's original conversion story.

In this CD set, you’ll discover one woman’s journey from the dark, grim world of Satanism to the only place where one can find safety and refuge: Holy Mother Church. You’ll also find out how to reach out to those who have “sold” their souls to the devil and to help them realize that it is possible, and never too late, to turn back to the Lord!

If you know anyone that is anywhere on this path away from Jesus and His Church or if you need to hear this message of hope, this set is for you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review