Former Satanist Comes Home to the Catholic Church (Digital)

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Former Satanist Comes Home to the Catholic Church (Digital)

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Deborah Lipsky  -- 

The conversion of Deborah Lipsky from Satanism to Catholicism has captivated listeners from all over the country!  Her story has become one of the most requested single CD recordings since the days of Dr. Hahn's original conversion story.

Deborah could not have imagined herself being sucked into the dark, sinful and unimaginable world of Satanism, never realizing that “the enemy” is ever so clever in luring people into his camp through lies, temptations, and despair.  Our Lord and Our Lady, who once brought her comfort and great hope, were now persons whom she scorned and hated. She clearly now was on the path of destruction

Discover one woman’s journey from the dark, grim world of Satanism to the only place where one can find safety and refuge: Holy Mother Church. If you know anyone that is anywhere on this path away from Jesus and His Church or if you need to hear this “message of hope,” this CD is for you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review