The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church

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The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church

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The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church elucidates the essential role women play in the covenant of salvation. With the support of Scripture, the writings of the Fathers of the Church, and contemporary theological insights, Monica Migliorino Miller explains how Christian women exemplify the reality of the Church in relation to Christ and the ministerial priesthood.

About the Author

Monica Migliorino Miller is the Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society and Associate Professor of Theology at Madonna University in Michigan. She holds a degree in Theatre Arts from Southern Illinois University and graduate degrees in Theology from Loyola University and Marquette University. She is the author of several books including The Theology of the Passion of the Christ (Alba House) and, most recently, The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church (Emmaus Road).


Miller's book does not just advocate a 'role' for women in the Church. As the title indicates, she explains what authority women already have. This is not a polemical or apologetic work but one that engages feminist theology with a wonderfully creative, deeply theological and biblically-based explanation of what authority means and how female authority differs from yet is in relation to male authority."

—Janet E. Smith, Professor of Moral Theology and the Fr. Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Issues at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit

This book is not what you expect. It is not what you've read before. It is an eye-opener for the importance of the question; for defining a clear alternative to androcentrism (male chauvinism), feminist fundamentalism, and a lukewarm compromise between them; and for a profoundly scriptural view of authority— one of the most disastrously misunderstood concepts in our culture.

—Peter Kreeft, Author and Professor of Philosophy at Boston College


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