Hahn Mary Bundle

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Hahn Mary Bundle

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This bundle includes:

A Biblical Understanding of Mary (4 Talk Set) In one of the most spectacular CD series we offer, Dr. Scott Hahn reveals the biblical basis for the Catholic Teaching on Mary, the Blessed Virgin. Beginning with the Gospel of John, Dr. Hahn shows how the sacred Scriptures illuminate Christ’s mother as the fountain of Mercy. In God’s Plan of salvation, the simple peasant girl of Nazareth, the mother of Christ, becomes the queen of Heaven, above even the angels.

The Venerable Beads (3 Talk Set) In this classic Bible Study, Dr. Scott and Kimberly Hahn offer a thoroughly Biblical approach to the ancient devotion of the Rosary. While many “Scriptural Rosaries” offer a Bible verse or two for each Mystery, the Hahns reveal how you can incorporate all of Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, into your meditations on the life of Jesus and Mary. Plus, you’ll learn new ways to defend the Church’s most essential teachings with clarity and confidence.

The Most Holy Rosary (2 Talk Set) This remarkable presentation of the Rosary will help you breathe new life into your personal prayer time. The second CD in this set includes powerful reflections by Dr. Hahn on what the Rosary means to him and how he began his personal devotion to the “Evangelical Mysteries”. Dr. Hahn dispels misunderstandings about the Rosary as un-biblical “vain repetition” and illustrates how profoundly it is interwoven with the entirety of Scripture.


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