Heaven's Mass

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Heaven's Mass

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Scott Hahn, Ph.D. -- (4 Talk set)

Of all things Catholic, there is nothing so familiar as Holy Mass and nothing so strange as the Bible’s Book of Revelation. In this four-CD series, Dr. Scott Hahn proposes that the Book of Revelation is the key to understanding Holy Mass and further, Holy Mass is the only way a Christian can truly make sense out of the Book of Revelation.

For most of us, interpreting the Book of Revelation, with its beasts, trumpets, plagues, fire, and the rest, is more like a nightmare than a wondrous vision. What is John talking about? What did he see? According to Dr. Scott Hahn, he saw Heaven’s Mass.

Accept Dr. Hahn’s invitation to go to Heaven and join the Angels and Saints in worship. You don’t have to wait until you die. You can go this Sunday. You can go every day.

In this series, you’ll learn:

Why Holy Mass provides Catholics with a unique advantage when it comes to interpreting Revelation
What the Pope says about protecting the sanctity of the Lord’s Day
Why weekly attendance at Holy Mass on Sundays is a “serious obligation”
How to decide whether something is a proper activity for the Lord’s Day
Why the Sabbath changed to Sunday


(No reviews yet) Write a Review