How to Get the Most Out of Mass

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How to Get the Most Out of Mass

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Dr. Scott Hahn -- (4 CD Set)

Before you go looking for a parish with more pizzazz, you owe it to yourself to listen to this fascinating, step-by-step CD series on Holy Mass—and find out how even the most humdrum of liturgies lifts earth up to Heaven.

In this series, Dr. Hahn examines Holy Mass as a whole, as well as each individual section, and shows that Holy Mass has an intricate yet logical pattern. All of the liturgical colors, postures, sounds, and smells that bombard us are there for a reason. The five senses participate in this very physical, very spiritual act of worship. Dr. Hahn takes Holy Mass from its place in the “big picture” of covenant theology and salvation history, and breaks it into bite size pieces for everyone to understand and enjoy.

Beginning by pointing out the inner logic of the various parts of Holy Mass, Dr. Hahn explains in simple, yet comprehensive detail, the many parts and elements of Holy Mass—from the entrance song, to the sign of the cross, to the final blessing and dismissal.

Providing Scriptural support and references, he explains how each part of the liturgy transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, the physical into the spiritual, the earthly into the heavenly. And best of all, you won’t need a degree to figure it out—he never gets bogged down in heavy theology.

Dr. Hahn explains how, in Holy Mass, we actively take part in the heavenly worship. The book of Revelation, he says, is a description of the liturgy of Heaven—the Angels and Saints singing and praising in adoration. In Holy Mass we are whisked up to Heaven, as John was (Rev 4:1-2), to join the Angels and Saints before the throne of God. When we sing or say the “Gloria” and “Holy, holy, holy” we are joining “in their unending hymn.”

This insightful series reveals the intensely Scriptural nature of Holy Mass and clearly demonstrates how not just the readings, but many elements of the Holy Sacrifice are firmly rooted in the words of the Inspired authors of the Bible. This series is a must for all Catholics who desire to be better able to defend Catholic liturgical practices from their Protestant detractors.

Never again need you be at a loss to defend the “Biblical Basis” of the Holy Sacrifice—never again will you wonder what to say to those contemplating leaving the Church on the basis of being “better fed” elsewhere—no longer do you have to be lost for words when asked, “Why do you Catholics do that in Holy Mass?” And the next time your mind wanders at Holy Mass, you’ll be able to bring it back—just by remembering that you are surrounded by angels.


Do Catholics really hear the Gospel? And if so where?
The liturgical colors used throughout the year and what they represent
The covenant meaning behind the sign of the Cross
The Gospel is proclaimed even to the senses
Why is attendance at Holy Mass on Sundays obligatory
Is Jesus re-sacrificed in Holy Mass?
How the Book of Revelation is the key to Holy Mass (and vice versa)
How Holy Mass unites earth and Heaven
How the Old Testament points to Holy Mass
The meaning behind each part of Holy Mass step-by-step
Why the Catholic Liturgical Worship is called Holy Mass
Why Catholics make the sign of the Cross and when did it begin
The inner logic of the various parts of Holy Mass
Why Holy Mass is the supreme Mystery
How Holy Mass relates to Calvary


(No reviews yet) Write a Review